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Alicia Buates McKenzie is a multi-racial Filipinx-Canadian artist, writer, and organizer from rural Western Manitoba, on Treaty 2 Territory. Buates McKenzie recently obtained her BFA with distinction from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2018, which includes her studies at Falmouth University (United Kingdom) in 2017. She currently fulfils the role of Visual Arts Curator for Femme Wave Feminist Arts Festival in Mohkinstsis (Calgary, Alberta) alongside her independent art and writing practices.

Drawing from her lived experiences from the Canadian prairies, and the shared experiences of diasporic immigrant and mixed-race communities in North America, Buates McKenzie concerns herself with questions surrounding cultural (dis)connections, grief and loss, family ties, and loneliness in regards to self-identification and home-making. Through introspective query and repetitive gesture, Buates McKenzie negotiates experiences of queerness, mixed immigrant and colonial lineages, and multi-racial perspective (and the innate insecurities and violences that permeate these experiences) with tentative urgency.

Image: Two-Bodied (2018), moving image. 

  ✳   I know what you are, but what am I?
  ✳   ISO: HOME (ongoing series)
  ✳   The interstice of knowing and not
  ✳   Head north on 83
  ✳   The interstice of knowing and not
  ✳   Head north on 83 
  ✳   Sweet Violets (the words I wish I had said)
  ✳   Phantoms

  ✳   How Do I Become My Mother
  ✳   Two-Bodied
  ✳   Between Walls
  ✳   Dirty Dishes 
  ✳   Interim, Inquietude 


GREY ZONE: Growing up biracial in Rural Canada


  ✳   House on a Hill Residency (TBA)
  ✳   GREY ZONE Anti-Racism Workshops

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