Alicia Buates McKenzie is an artist, writer, and organizer from rural Western Manitoba, on Treaty 2 Territory. She concerns herself with the ambiguities and disorientations of liminal identity through various modes of storytelling. Through subtle modes of resistance and intense emotional states, Buates McKenzie seeks liberation from the absurdity of a solidified identity, navigating the discomfiting barriers and bridges within her supposed dualities with tentative urgency.

Buates McKenzie recently obtained her BFA with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art + Design), which also included her studies at Falmouth University (United Kingdom) in 2017. She currently fulfills the role of Visual Arts Curator for Femme Wave Feminist Arts Festival in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Alberta alongside her independant art and writing practices.

Her work has been shown and performed locally and internationally, in spaces such as the ATB ArtVault and Illingworth Kerr gallery in Calgary, Alberta and The Exchange in Penzance, UK. Her writing has been published in both academic and arts-based contexts, including The Journal of Historical Sociology and These Pills Don’t Come in My Skin Tone. 

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